I have met 4 engineers in my 25-year career whose estimates I would trust.

This is not a mark of how bad we are at estimating, but how hard estimating engineering work is.

Early in my career, I was taught that the ‘accurate’ way to estimate was to spend a…

I’ve been asked a couple of times in the last week for advice on OKRs. I don’t consider myself to have mastered them but have seen some common problems over the years.

  • OKRs should bring focus and alignment about what really matters — don’t specify too many Os or KRs…

Startups need a sense of urgency — they have a market they need to capture against the backdrop of a myriad of competitors and a draining bank account. I define a sense of urgency as :

  • setting ambitious company, team and person goals and striving to meet or exceed them

Chris Norris

Engineering leader for startups — 4 exits and counting. Fascinated with startups, software, and the people around them. A 2 minute read every 2 weeks.

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